What is the difference between 'Free Membership' and 'Club Membership'?
Membership of the CRMCC website is free. However CRMCC is also a thriving Club and to be part of this you need to pay the annual membership fee, currently £15. Full membership also grants you access to certain “Members Only” areas of the website. The website is run and maintained by volunteers and the site’s running costs are supported by membership subscriptions, so by getting involved you can help support the forum and those who volunteer their time to keep it running.

How do I Join the Club and pay my Subscription?
You can join the club as a full member for only £15 online, click on the 'Join Curvy Riders' tab and follow the instructions.

Do I have to renew my subscription every year? If so, how and when?
Our membership year runs 1st January to 31st December and you need to renew by one of the above methods by 1st March yearly. Those who do not renew their club memberships by the 1st March will be removed from the membership list and will loose their club member privileges.
Those people who have indicated to us that they will not be renewing their memberships will be removed from the membership list on the expiry of their current years membership (1st January)

What are the advantages of Club Membership?
Full club membership offers the following benefits:

• Entitlement to join your regional and national CRMCC events, such as regular rides out and social events etc organised by the Regional Reps throughout the UK, and many other events only open to Club Members as organised by members

• You can attend the annual CRMCC national trip (2008, England, 2009 Scotland, 2010 Ireland, 2011 Wales, 2012 Allensford (nr Durham)). This is a long weekend each year when Curvies from all over the UK get together for biking and fun!

• Affiliate membership of the BMF which offers many discounts on biking related products and services.

• Exclusive discounts offered to CRMCC by many bike related businesses.

• Use of the forum to sell or swap motorcycle related items with your fellow Curvy Riders.

• You can buy CRMCC branded merchandise (T-Shirts, fleeces, buffs etc)

• You will be supporting funding of the website (hosting, software, web design etc), the Club's BMF Liability insurance, club literature and safety equipment, Club running costs (the Committee and Reps all give their time and services free, but there are running costs involved)

• You will be part of the largest and fastest growing ladies only bike club in the UK!

• CRMCC is an official club and as such has certain obligations that it must meet, one of which is Public Liability Insurance. Being a fully paid member of CRMCC means that those who partake in club arranged events (e.g. monthly rides) are covered by the Club's PL insurance. Non-members are not covered and, in the unlikely event, of there being an incident involving a member of the public and a non-member, the Club could be liable for any damage. So, whilst you don't have to be a member to use the forum, if you want to join in regular Group rides and other events arranged by the club, we do ask people to become members.

Anyone who is unsure about becoming a fully paid up member is welcome to join their local group for 2 group rides or socials to see if you like the Club.

Can I participate in events in others regions, other than my own?
Once you are a member you have access to loads of discounts, special events, socials and ride-outs, not only in your local area and with your nearest Rep but with ANY REP ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY! That rep coverage currently stretches from The sunny Channel Islands in the south, The (sometimes) tropical Isle Of Man in the west, the flat caps of Yorkshire in the east and the Scottish Highlands in the far frozen wastes of the north.

If you are passing through a region on the way to somewhere else then look up your local rep and find out what is happening, if you fall on the border of two or three areas then go to ALL the socials or if like the look of the activities being organised in another region then feel free to speak to that rep about joining in.

If you have any questions that are not answered in this list, please contact us