Below are a list of contacts that you can get in touch with. Please note these can be subject to change.


Chairwoman – Emma Morter (Emma)

Secretary – Mo Hewitt (Messenger Mo)

Membership Secretary & website admin – Kaye Hewins (Kaye)

Treasurer – Linda Booth (lindylou)

Social media & PR – Tracey Birkett (Traceybee)

Newsletter editor - Sue McDonagh (Gadgetgran)

Rep Liaison

Rep Liaison Officer - Susan Francombe (monkey paws)


Deputy Forum Moderator – Jacqui (Leeds)

Regional reps

Aberdeenshire CRMCC Rep – Susan Francombe (Monkey paws)

Cambridgeshire CRMCC Rep – Ruth Clark (Ruthie26)

Clyde Valley CRMCC Rep – Jayne Tollen (Sunny)

Dumfries & Galloway CRMCC Rep - Mo Hewitt (Messenger Mo)

East Midlands CRMCC Rep - Anita Murphy (smurfie)

Edinburgh & Lothians CRMCC Rep - Fiona Gilfillan (Feegilf)

Fife/Perth CRMCC Rep - Suzi Purvis (Phoenix)

South, East & West Wales CRMCC Rep - Sue McDonagh (Gadgetgran)

Hampshiredorset CRMCC Rep – Carine Wolfenden (dragoncarine)

Herts/Beds, Bucks CRMCC Rep - Laura Chown (Lozzzzza)
Tel: 07801 520223

Lancs/Cheshire CRMCC Rep - Linda Booth (Lindylou)

London Essex CRMCC Rep - Joanna Naylor (Jopeta)

Manx CRMCC Rep - Lynda Moore (Gixsy)

Norfolk CRMCC Rep – Angela Thomas (angela)

North East CRMCC Rep – Marie Atherton (mea66)

Staffordshire CRMCC rep - Melanie Derricott (Peppa pig)

SuffolkCRMCC rep - Trish Catton (Charisma)

West Midlands CRMCC Rep - Polly French (Pollyf)

Wiltshire CRMCC Rep - Bernadette Kenrick (Aeros)

Wirral & North Wales CRMCC Rep - Debs Ayerst (Buttercup)

Yorkshire CRMCC Rep - Helen Cullen (Aitch81)